7-31-21 Lake Erie Perch Report

Launched out of Fenwick at sunrise. The South wind was kicking up more than forecasted but not bad. Trolled out to where we ended last week. Marked perch all over during our short troll. Caught a few walleye in the few minutes we trolled up high in the top 5'. Pulled out the perch rods and set up on good marks. Started out very slow. We moved 4 or 5 times and would pull a few from each stop. We were on fish, they just weren't feeding much. There was a ton of baitfish on the screen and they were puking up minnows. Made a final move and ended in that last spot. Around 10:45 they lit up! We really started filling the cooler with a hot action flurry. Got #60 at 11:25. Best bite for us was from 1045-11:15 hands down. Last weekend our best bite was early morning before 9. Not the case for us today. Perch fly rigs outperformed everything else. Pearl/green was our best fly. Lots of doubles today. Also caught 9 species on today's trip. You never knew what was coming over the side, which added to the excitement. Perch were caught from 24'-27' today. Emeralds were BIG today, so pieces was all we could use. The new Multi-species caddy was AWESOME for perching! Absolutely loved it! Good luck everyone. The lake laid down and was beautiful when we came in.