7-31-21 Lake Erie Walleye Report

Got our limit of perch in the morning, along with two bonus walleye. Hit the lake for round 2 around 6pm. This trip was walleye. We are still fishing the far western basin, within 5-8 miles of the Michigan line. We found some great marks and active fish in 20-23 ft of water. Put on some miles to find them, but once we did it was game on. We could only keep 10 since we already kept two from the morning trip. We caught half of our ten in the first 10 minutes lol. 5 on at a time. It was crazy for a minute! Atomic Blueberry Flicker Minnow 9 was absolutely on 🔥The Hot n Tot Mad Flash were next best. 50-65' back. 2.3-2.7mph. Fished a coffee stain colored water. Very fertile, with lots of life. Got our limit and a 27" fatty. Very rare to get 27" fish this far west this late in the year! This included an algae bloom starting. No algae slime, just the green specs in the water. Another Multi-species limit day in the books. Now to the shop to fill your orders! Good luck out there! 🎣