8-13-21 Lake Erie Fishing Report

Left Fenwick around 1pm and headed to a summer waypoint. It was blazing hot with no wind. Biting flies were bad but the fish were biting just as much 😎 We had fish as soon as we set lines. Was very hard to get them all set. Had 2-4 on at a time, most of the time. Insanely good bite. Mid day in August, in the far western basin. Blazing hot, no wind, 83 degree water, only 23ft deep and rediculously good action. Who would have thunk it? 😜 We had our 12 and plenty of throwbacks in just over an hour. Flicker Shad 7s 75 back with a 2oz at 50ft was best. Bandits next best with best leads 100-120 back unassisted. The feeding fish were the bottom fish again today. They have been chasing bait on the bottom for weeks in this area. Caught and released a few more fish, then went looking for perch. Found a few nice ones then the sky turned black to the west. Time to go. Gave our fish to a few gentleman fishing at the mouth of turtle creek. They were super happy. Love doing that! Tomorrow is looking border line, we shall see what the NE wind decides to do in the morning.