8-21-21 Lake Erie Perch Report

Good day on the water today 🐟 Great size perch today! Got minnows from Butch and Denny's and they were perfect! Our best minnows have came from them this year. Very lively and the perfect size. Left the launch at sunrise and headed east. The Algae Bloom is continuing to get worse. The water is turning green and there is a lot of algae particles in the water. Not pretty to look at. If it stays hot, we may see some solid pea soup in the western basin this year. 👎 We fished in 25-27' of water today. Fished north and east of the reef complex. Perch bite was best for us between 8-9:30am. Slow pick after that. GREAT grade of fish today with multiple 12" fish and lots of 10" fish today! We got some doubles and a dozen 🐑 Whole and cut emeralds both worked for us. Our perch fly rigs in purple and orange did the damage. Tight lining on the bottom was best and laying them slack on the bottom got some as well. We have another batch of the perch fly rigs almost ready and they will be available in the next few days on the website. The Multi-Species Caddy is freaking awesome for perch fishing! Love it more every time we use it! Good luck to those fishing tomorrow. Looks to be another beautiful day!