8-6-21 Lake Erie Perch Report

Gassed up and got minnows at daybreak. The minnows were gigantic emeralds, so they all had to be cut. Launched as the sun was coming up. Ran to where we ended last week in 25'. Lots of fish in the area but a slow bite. We were hoping the bite would pop off like the last trip around 10, but it didn't happen. Checked a few mile circle and found the same results. Fished 24-27ft. Water clarity was awesome. Not really any signs of algae. Didn't want to make any big runs in the stiff wind. We got our half limit of 30 perch and a bunch of throwbacks. They were the right ones today though, with a great average size. Lots of 10" perch today and two 12". The wind was RIPPING and it was getting very hard to have any feel for the perch bite with the waves rocking the boat. Trolling motor batteries were shot so we headed in. It was blowing 20+ when we ended. Perch flies were our best rig by far today, tipped with a small chunk of minnow. The perch were puking up mayflies and other mud bugs. They were gorging for sure. The amount of bait on the screen tells me there is no shortage of easy food for them. Hoping the abnormal amount of bait doesn't turn into the perch season a few years ago. Unfortunately that season started hot, the mega schools of bait showed up and the perch bite was extremely spotty from there out. The Multi-Species Caddy was absolutely killer again today. So convenient for perching. Perch Fly rigs will finally be available on the website early next week for those asking. Good luck!