9-10-2021 Lake Erie Perch Report

9-10 Lake Erie Perch Report
Fenwick Marina - Oak Harbor, OH
Got minnows from AnJ this morning. They had a few large emeralds mixed in but mostly big goldie's. Not what we wanted but we weren't driving to find better. Left Fenwick a little later than normal due to the anticipation of residual NW rollers. The lake was still rolling pretty decent, so we took it slow. Started out by A and B can area. Marked a fair amount of perch and caught some but lots of dinks out there still. There was a pack formed off the north side of B as well. We stayed away from the packs but did hear a few people at the ramp say they did decent out in the B can pack this morning. We ended up checking some old waypoints in tighter, looking for better fish. Caught fish from 20'-26'. Found the best size on top of a reef. Not as many fish, but better fish. Caught a bunch, kept the best 36 perch. Average size was 10". Had a dozen that were 11-12". The bite improved as the morning went on. We were still catching fish when we left. The water looked like crap from the NW blow. Very silty and the algae is still present. Caught 13 catfish today! 😂 We found the kitty factory! Most catfish ever for us on a perch trip! They are fun but make a mess! Water temp is dropping nicely. Was 72-75 degrees this morning. Orange flies were best first thing, purple as the morning went on. The lake calmed down to 1ft or so when we left. Should be a nice evening for those going. Good luck!