9-17-2021 Lake Erie Perch Report

9-17 Lake Erie Perch Report
Headed East again this weekend in search for GIANT perch. Launched after sunrise in big waves. Was 3x rougher than wind, wave and weather forecast. Big surprise, story of the year. Headed to where we fished a few weeks ago and zero fish in the area. Moved a few times and found some fish in 42ft. Busted out 10 fish quick and then they vanished. The ones we did catch were the biggest of the day. All between 13-14". Progressively moved out deeper and found fish in 52-68ft. Bounced around and picked away. We were absolutely blown away with the size of the perch every time we pulled one up. Insane how big these perch are! Our Purple Flash Perch Rigs were our best color with Orange Fire second. Brought along live goldie's but the salted frozen emeralds did just as well or better. Finer details from this trip was to move to stay on the school and to reel up 10-15' and re-drop to trigger bites. Re-dropping and hitting bottom was creating bites by far better than anything else. If we didn't get bit in 20 seconds, reel up and re-drop and fish on! Out of our 60 perch half the fish were between 13-14" and the rest between 11.5" - 13". Took our fish to the cleaners and got back a PILE of perch fillets! Another note from today was using the kicker motor on low speed in forward gear to help the spot lock hold and last. Works like a dream in rough seas. Back at it tomorrow 🐟
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