9-18-2021 Lake Erie Perch Report

9-18 Lake Erie Perch SLAMFEST 💥
The second day of our trip out East was even better than the first. Ended up being our best Lake Erie perch trip EVER. The waves tried to keep us down but they did not succeed. Started calm for the first few minutes and quickly built to 3-4' waves. It stayed rough the entire morning but we toughed it out. Standing was difficult at times but we managed. Using the kicker in forward gear in conjunction with the spot lock was a must. Works perfectly. We started near where we left off the day before. The fish moved a little but we found them quickly. Fished 48-62'. The bite was good right out of the gate. Average size was 12.5", with a many 13" plus. Our Holo Shiner, Purple Flash and Orange Fire Perch Fly Rigs all did well. Bouncing the sinker in the mud worked well. Bites were better than the first day. The fish were HUNGRY! Salted, frozen emeralds cut in half did best. Caught quite a few sheephead as well. Moved 6 times and stayed on fish. Different depths would have active fish throughout the morning. Got our 90 fish limit in a matter of hours. It was the HEAVIEST cooler of perch for us in all of our years perch fishing Lake Erie. We were all like kids in a candy store 😊 High fives all around!! Got them cleaned again and they did a great job. It was insane to see how much perch meat we had once we got back home. We will remember this day for the rest of time. One picture shows about 1/3 of the fillets. Also saw a boat that had a fire issue get towed in. The fire department boat then drove out of the water and had wheels! Very cool to see in person. WHAT A DAY! 🎣  
Lake Erie Perch