9-3-21 Lake Erie Walleye Report

9-3 Lake Erie Walleye Report
Location - Conneaut Ohio
Launched at sunrise and got hammered by BIG rollers first thing. Waves were coming from all directions and beating on us like a punching bag. Made it out about 8- 10 miles after 45 minutes of slow goin. Tried to set lines and couldn't barely stand up. Turned around and headed back in with our tails between our legs. On the way back in we ran over some decent marks. Covered a little water to get a better idea of the amount of fish we found. There were plenty to set up on. The waves had laid down just enough to try again. We were marking fish from 32-44' down and set a spread to work the column. Didn't take long and we started pulling fish on spoons. Size 1 Dipsy Divers pulling Badmo and Scorpion Stinger spoons. Set back 65-90' to do the damage. As the morning went on we started pulling fish on cranks. Bandits 125-180' back with a 2oz snap weight at 50' back caught the most keepers and the bonus steelhead. Our Purple Flash bandit did the most work with the JT Wonderwoman bandit next best. 2.4-2.7mph. S-Turns produced bites. Water temp was 77-78 degrees. Boated well over 50 fish with our limit of walleye, and a bonus steelhead. Lost 2 more steelhead. Boy do they jump! They are nuts! Lots of sheep, short walleye and other fish mixed in today. The lake laid down as the day went on and it was absolutely awesome weather. ZERO perch minnows at any local baitstores here, so our hopes to try for perch dwindled quickly. Get out and enjoy this great weather! 🎣