Lake Erie Walleye Report 5-29-24

Lake Erie Walleye Fishing Report 5-29-24


What's more fun than a barrel full of monkeys 🐒? Bag full of walleye of course 😉. I had a small group of two today and fishing was insanely good. The weather, not so much. They reeled in their limit and I reeled in mine. We could have been done real quick, but decided to sort through the smaller fish to keep the bigger ones. Roughly 35 fish were caught today and no sheep!
Everything and anything caught fish today. Put it on the water, wait a few seconds and reel in a fish. But, Shaky Shads, Flicker 11s and BADMO spoons once again off of #1 Tadpoles. 40 to 100 back, but it honestly didn't matter at all. We fished from 35 to 42 FOW and our speed was 2.5. We fished east of the Islands today and there were almost 0 boats out. 🤘 We did have a fair share of undersized fish too. There are tons of those little boogers in the system right now.
We will see what tomorrow brings, it looks iffy but we might find somewhere to hide if need be. I have openings for June and fishing is insane right now. Now is the time to introduce a kid or a friend to lake Erie walleye fishing! They will not get bored!
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