Bill Lewis Precise Walleye Crank Review

We have had good success with these and absolutely LOVE the steep dive curves. When fish are at that finicky 20'-25' suspended depth where 2oz Snap Weights start to become necessary, it's nice that you can get these to depth without needing the assisted weight or 150' of line. That's the biggest bonus for us with these specific lures. When it comes to cranks, many days on Erie when the bite is good, they are going to eat whatever you put in front of them. So although these cranks are catchers just like many others, it's the dive curve that we love. The fact that these only require roughly 100' of line to reach 25' down is HUGE for us. Rigging to release with snap weights is more challenging than unassisted cranks with no weight. This is why they earned a spot in the BOX! A side note: These cranks also fit perfectly into the 14 & 18 compartment double sided crank boxes!