Product Review - Windrider Pro All Weather Rain Gear

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Lake Erie Walleye Fishing can be brutal, especially in the spring and fall. Cooler temps and rain can make a trip go from good to bad in a hurry. Being prepared for whatever the weather gods decide to throw at you is important, especially when fishing big water. For the 2023 season, we have been using the products by Windrider. We are going to do a quick review of the Windrider Pro All Weather Rain Gear. First off, there are plenty of solid rain gear companies out there and a variety of options to choose from. We were attracted to Windrider for the price point. For a full set of bibs and jacket out the door for under $300, it was worth a look. The reviews for quality and sizing looked good, so we got some ordered. As soon as we opened up the package, we could tell it was good quality gear. First impression was great and everything fit true to size when compared to the other rain suits we had worn before. Plenty of pockets in the right places. Not too heavy, but seemed heavy enough to stay warm on early spring/fall mornings. 
Fishing Addiction Gear
We fished Lake Erie and the Detroit River a lot this spring in some cold, rainy weather. The sets of raingear have now seen around 25 uses and everything is holding up great and we haven't got wet once. We were never in any downpours, but did get rained on a few times and stayed perfectly dry. We also had many mornings on the Detroit River where we left the boat in the water overnight with no cover and found it covered in heavy dew in the mornings. The bibs kept our butts dry, even when sitting or kneeling on the soaking wet carpet. We wore these on some chilly spring mornings where the daytime highs were in the 50's. The mornings started in the mid to high 40's with light winds. We wore the rain gear with a few layers and stayed warm in these conditions. Any colder than low to mid 40's and we would have switched to ice fishing gear. After wearing this set quite a few times, we can definitely say that they are absolutely worth the price, especially when compared to other brands quality/pricing. The reinforced knees on the bibs are a great added feature, especially when kneeling on a wet floor. There is a lot of velcro on the jacket to keep the rain out. It does a great job at keeping rain and wind out but is a little cumbersome if you are trying to open the jacket one handed. Once we put it on a few times, we got used to it. It was just a change coming from a jacket with only a zipper closure. This one has a zipper and velcro. With all of that said, we hope to get many, many seasons out of this rain gear. So far it has held up and performed with great results in the first half of the 2023 season.