Walleye Diver Leaders, Tadpoles & Spoons Setup

Walleye Diver Leaders
Here is a breakdown of how we pair our Walleye Trolling Diver Leaders with the Off Shore Tackle Company tadpoles and spoons. We also use Rapala J-7's and J-9's in place of the spoons, depending on the day/bite. The mainline setup is the same we use for trolling cranks, but we remove the trolling leader and clip on the tadpole to the mainline snap. This method not only works extremely well on Lake Erie but it also works all over the country wherever walleye and other predator fish roam. We remove the stock snaps that come with the tadpole for this specific method. The size #2 Pro-Lock duolock snap that we run on the mainline works great with the tadpole and trips them perfectly.
โœ” Calibrated mainline mono with a trolling bead added, then tied to our Pro-Lock duolock snap.
โœ” Remove stock clips on the Tadpole Diver.
โœ” Clip the tadpole diver to the mainline snap.
โœ” Clip the Diver Leader to the rear of the tadpole.
โœ” Clip on the spoon or shallow diving crank to the other end of the diver leader.
โœ” Run behind planer boards the same way you run cranks.
โœ” Catch a bunch of walleye.
Our Diver Leaders are available in 5 different lengths to suit your application and individual needs. The Offshore Tackle Tadpoles are available in 4 different sizes.ย 
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