6-9-23 Lake Erie Walleye Report

Lake Erie Walleye
We had another great trip out on Lake Erie. This time, we did an afternoon/evening trip and were able to see an awesome sunset! 🌞 We left Fenwick Marina mid day after the residual rollers from the mornings stiff winds laid down. We had some product testing to do first, so we set up and got that knocked out for the first few hours. After that was complete, we were on the hunt for walleye. Since we were following another span of high winds, we found the water to be stirred up yet again. Without any recent clear/ cloud free satellite images, we were "running blind" to figure out where the various water clarities were located after the recent blow. We first checked an area in close that had been good to us the last few weeks in dirty water. There were some decent marks, but they weren't having it. We pulled gear and started in a large circle to cover water. We found most of the area to be dirty water and minimal marks. After nearly 15 miles of running around, we found a patch of water between 20' - 27' that was better clarity and had a good number of marks. Since we started a little early before the evening bite hit, the fish were being a little lethargic. We started with cranks and spoons and pulled a few fish. With the sun high in the sky, no wind and glass calm conditions, we pulled out the nightcrawlers and sent out our Eye-Slammer Harnesses behind Offshore Tackle Tadpoles and Bottom Bouncers. With these types of conditions on Lake Erie, crawler harnesses can often produce some great walleye fishing, especially around the mayfly hatch. We ran the Eye-Slammer crawler harnesses with size 1 tadpoles 35' - 40' back behind the Offshore Tackle Planer Boards . Our speed was 1.6 - 1.8 mph. We caught some nice fish and started to fill the livewell up fairly quickly. As soon as we started to get a program dialed in the worms ran out! We pulled out the last container of worms to find out they were no longer with us. 😢 After having a short service for the deceased nightcrawlers, we pulled the spoons and cranks back out. The sun was still pounding the water and the wind was non existent. After getting the spoons and cranks set again, the bite was still tough. After the sun slowly started to sink on the horizon, the wind started to kick up. Once the wind kicked up, the bite was on. It went from slow to fast quickly. We did a few circles around an active pod and finished up our limit with a few doubles in the mix. We caught a lot of short walleye again this trip but minimal junk fish. Our best crank of the night was the WNC Shaky Shad 60' back behind the boards. Our custom color Badmo Spoon in both 2.5'' and 3.5'' was best overall. These were ran behind size 1 Tadpoles with 36'' Diver Leaders 40' behind the boards. Size zero Dipsy Divers 37' back on a zero setting pulled a few. We kept our speed around 2.2 - 2.3 mph. The Eye-Slammer crawler bite best color harness was Boy-Girl. It caught most of the fish. 24' - 27' in the reef complex area ended up being where we pulled all of our fish. Not only did we end up with a nice limit of Lake Erie Walleye, we were blessed with an absolute beauty of a sunset. Water temp was hanging around 72 degrees. Until next time. FISH-ON! 🐟
Eye-Slammer Crawler Harness
WNC Shaky Shad
Badmo Spoon
Badmo Spoon
Planer Board Caddy