Hawg Outdoor Clips

Hawg Outdoor Clip
The Hawg Outdoor Clip can be added to the back of most inline planer boards. It comes with the required screws to easily attach it to your planer boards. These are spring loaded and super easy to use. The design is similar to the pin system on the back of the Church boards but these are a little nicer. The church boards come with thin diameter plastic pins that can break and you have to pull up on the pin and use both hands. With these, you can hold the board and open the clip with one hand. The stainless pin system is much more rigid and we have never broken one after all these years trolling for Lake Erie Walleye. We aren't bagging on the Church boards, just simply stating that these are an upgrade to their stock system. TIP - Don't squeeze/cycle the spring up/down until you install it on your board or you may be searching for that spring! They mate with the board and that is what encloses the spring housing area. If you have trouble getting standard clips open, these are a breeze. If you rig to release, you would use these as a safety or third point of contact to make sure you don't lose a board, unless you break your line. When we rig to release, we still run the line through these as an additional safety and then through the back clip on the tattle flag. If we are trolling for walleye and using a non rig to release method, we will let the tattle flag clip drag and only run through these, which makes for easy and fast on/off board cycling! They can be used with all line types, but just like all other planer board releases and clips, they will wear with time. We typically swap ours out after a season or two just like the other clips/releases. If you haven't tried them, you should! Click HERE to go to the product listing to add some to your cart! The listing has more information, including the variety of boards they work with. They are available in a 2 pack.